Standard Commercial Trading Conditions Document

  1. This agreement regulates commercial trade between customers and suppliers and is intended for use by suppliers of goods and/or services, including disbursements incurred in connection therewith.
  2. This is not a credit agreement, thus the supplier is not required to register as a credit provider in terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 (“NCA”) but further provisions of the NCA may apply, specifically prior to the institution of civil legal proceedings.
  3. If the customer fails to pay the supplier within agreed payment terms, then this agreement becomes an incidental credit agreement, in terms whereof interest becomes payable by the customer at the rate of 2% (two percent) per month, once 20 business days have elapsed, since payment of the debt became due.
  4. As a supplier of goods and services to consumers, you should be cognizant of the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (“CPA”) for which you should consult Crafford Inc. or any other Attorney knowledgeable on this subject, which service is not included in the price of the template agreement.
  5. If the customer/consumer is a juristic person with an asset value or annual turnover in excess of R 1 million, then neither the provisions of the NCA nor the CPA apply.
  6. When dealing with juristic persons as customers, unless you know as a fact that the signatory on behalf the Customer has authority to sign, you are advised to obtain either a company resolution or letter from a director or senior manager, confirming such authority.
  7. You may purchase this agreement as an Editable PDF document, without registering as a client of Crafford Inc. in which event we accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever as to the suitability or use of such agreement for your purposes.
  8. If upon purchasing this agreement you register as a client, you are entitled to a brief telephonic, video or email consultation (no longer than 15 min) to guide you regarding the terms, completion and signature thereof, together with any minor design and content changes.
  9. Crafford Inc can certify an electronic copy of the agreement and retain in your virtual file, which you as a Client may access electronically at any time.