Buying or Selling a Property?

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Different Types of Property Sales
Conventional SaleDeed of Sale on Installments
Sell a Property
  • You decide whether to sell your property on Conventional Sale (full payment on transfer 2 – 3 months) or Deed of Sale (payment in installments over the agreed period).
  • You mandate Crafford Inc to sell your property by marketing and advertising your property for sale on this and other property websites.
  • You provide the requisite information and photographs of your property.
  • We comparatively value the property, screen and qualify interested buyers and arrange viewings between buyer and seller.
  • Interested buyers submit qualifying offers via our office for your consideration.
  • Upon your acceptance of the offer, we attend to the transfer of the property.
  • Our commission for the introduction of a buyer that results in a sale is 1% (one percent) (plus Vat) of the sale price, payable on registration of transfer.
  • If you would like Crafford Inc. to value, market and advertise your property for sale, please click below to contact us.


Buy a Property
  • If you are interested in viewing or buying a property advertised on this website please click below to contact us.


  • We are on the FNB panel of bond registration attorneys, we can refer you to an FNB Consultant and register your FNB bond at negotiable rates. So when your FNB bond is granted, ask FNB to appoint us to register your bond.
Private Sales
  • If you are a private buyer or seller and no agent is involved in the transaction, we will provide and facilitate the signature of Conventional Sale Agreement or Deed of Sale in Installments and monitor the fulfillment of any suspensive conditions for a fee of 0.1% (zero points one percent) payable on registration of transfer or endorsement on condition that Crafford Inc. is appointed to attend to such registration of transfer or endorsement for the usual transfer fee.
  • If you would like to Crafford Inc to send you a Sale Agreement for completion (with reasonable assistance) signature, return to Crafford Inc for monitoring and transfer of the property, complete FORM (C) and accept our terms and conditions. TERMS AND CONDITIONS (D)
Interested in becoming a Special Class Estate Agent for Crafford Inc.
  • Operate under the Fidelity Fund Certificate of Crafford Inc.
  • Crafford Inc. pays 80/20 commission split in favour of the Agent.
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National Conveyancing Services
  • Crafford Inc can attend to the transfer of property anywhere in South Africa and can arrange for the signature of documents at a firm of Attorneys close to you.
  • Access your transfer file electronically to track progress on your transfer.
Transfer & Bond Cost Calculator
  • (Will be adding in the calculator here once built)
Standard Timeline for Property Transfers
  • Day 1 – Attorney receives signed offer to purchase
  • Day 2 – 3 Information captured all parties notified and all info requested
  • Day 4 – 30 Awaiting fulfilment of bond approval
  • Day 31 – Bond Approval
  • Day 32 – 33 Request all clearance figures, title deed, bond cancellation figures, prepare pro forma accounts and request outstanding information.
  • Day 34 – 65 Procuring payments, guarantees, transfer duty receipt, COC, cancelation and clearance figures, payment thereof, preparation of transfer documents.
  • Day 66 – 75 Scrutinise and verify transfer and supporting documents, arrange for signature thereof and simultaneous lodgement of bond documents.
  • Day 76 – Transfer documents lodged at Deeds Office
  • Day 86 – Registration of Transfer.
  • Day 87 – Written confirmation of Transfer
  • Day 88 – 170 Await original title deed from Deeds Office.
Conventional Sale

A conventional sale of immovable property generally results in payment of the purchase price in full, upon registration of transfer at the Deeds Office, which process takes approx. 2 to 3 months.

Deed of Sale
  • The Alienation of Land Act 1981 established a legal basis in terms whereof residential property may be sold for payment in more than 2 instalments over a period of longer than 1 year, irrespective of whether the property is subject to a mortgage bond or not.
  • This transaction is a called a Sale of Land on Instalments
  • Whilst sellers may generally prefer a conventional sale, there exist compelling reasons to consider a Sale of Land on Instalments as an alternative:
  • If the seller is in some financial difficulty or distress,
  • If the seller is prepared to accept payment in instalments,
  • If the purchaser can afford to pay instalments but does not qualify for a mortgage loan,
  • If the purchaser does not presently have funds to pay transfer and bond costs but expects to have such funds in the future,
  • If the relationship between the seller and purchaser lends itself to a Sale of Land on Instalments.
  • Pursuant to a divorce, enabling the remaining spouse to remain in the property.
  • The Alienation of Land Act provides for the extensive protection of the rights of the seller, purchaser and any mortgagee. The Sale of Land on Instalments is a pre cursor to the eventual formal transfer of the property into the name of the purchaser.
  • Primarily, a Sale of Land on Instalments is affordable in that minimal costs are payable initially, transfer duty is payable within 6 months and the bulk of transfer costs are payable upon the eventual registration of the property into the name of the purchaser, whilst occupation of the property can be given immediately.
  • The Seller may need to register as a credit provider at a nominal cost.

Crafford Inc have created a comprehensive agreement for the Sale of Land on Instalments and have developed a system to administer the entire process, including the registration of the Seller as a credit provider.